Our skilled flower arrangers work tirelessly throughout the year to enhance the cathedral with wonderful flower arrangements and floral displays, contributing to services and events as well city wide displays such as Britain in Bloom.

Whilst the cathedral has been covered in scaffolding, our Flower Arranging team have worked their magic yet again with a moving Remembrance display. The poppies were part of the display at the Tower of London and were bought for the cathedral by Richard Jeffs in memory of his grandfather Harold Jeffs and great uncles Sam and Walter Jeffs, who all returned safely to Birmingham from the war. They are also in memory of Ethel Jeffs, Richard's grandmother, and everyone who was left behind to fight 'the war at home.'

Here are some photos from the beautiful Harvest displays. The floral arrangements were created by our talented flower arrangers, and the banners were made by Children's Church.

Here are some other images of floral arrangements in the cathedral.