Tuesday Talks is a short talk 1.10pm to 1.40pm most Tuesdays. It's a friendly, relaxed opportunity to explore modern issues through the lens of faith.

The talks will resume after the summer, please visit this page in September for further details.

For more events in the city, visit the ChaplaincyPlus website. Recordings of previous talks can be found below, along with bible passages and other resources.

Eating with Jesus

The Reverend David Gould (5 June) - Listen here

The Reverend David Gould (29 May) - Listen here

The Reverend David Gould (22 May) - Listen here

The Reverend Pete Sainsbury (15 May) - Listen here

The Very Reverend Matt Thompson (8 May) - Listen here

Reverend Louise Shaw (24 April) - Listen here

Wisdom for the Public Realm (17 April) - Listen here

Godly wisdom (10 April) - Listen here

Do you love me? (27 March) - Listen here

It is the Lord (20 March) - Listen here

Beach breakfast (13 March) - Listen here

Waiting for the penny to drop (6 March) - Listen here

Seeing is believing (27 February) - Listen here

A wedding feast (20 February) - Listen here

Beach breakfast (13 February) - Listen here

On the menu! (6 February) - Listen here

An awkward guest (23 January) - Listen here

Retirement party (16 January) - Listen here

Trust me - I'm a Doctor

Tuesday Talks Carol Service (5 December) - Listen here

Disaster averted (28 November) - Listen here

Overcoming evil with good (21 November) - Listen here

Stormy Weather (14 November) - Listen here

It's my party and I'll... (7 November) - Listen here

Real compassion (31 October) - Listen here

Just say the word (24 October) - Listen here

Call the doctor (10 October) - Listen here

Open the book (3 October) - Listen here

Don't believe everything you here (26 September) - Listen here

Living as a Christian in Uncertain Times

Strangers in a strange land (17 January) - Listen Here

Get your mind in gear (24 January) - Listen here

It must be love, love, love... (31 January) - Sorry, there has been a technical issue with this recording.

Build with care (7 February) - Listen here

Love your neighbour (14 February) - Listen here

Do the right thing (21 February) - Listen here

A 'Good' Lent (28 February) - Listen here

Good times Bad times (7 March) - Listen here

The end is... (14 March) - Listen here (Guest Speaker)

It was the best times, It was the worst times (21 March) - Listen here

Discipleship for today (28 March) - Listen here

Tough Times (4 April)- Listen here 

Encouragement to engage with real life (25 April) - Listen here

Pressure to abuse time...the clock is ticking (2 May) - Listen here

Under Pressure to lie...tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies (9 May) - Listen here

The pressure to blow your top! - what's wrong with letting off steam, it's quite harmless (23 May) - Listen here

Election Fever - The Final Countdown... (6 June) - Listen here

And Another thing - the pressure to grumble... (20 June) - Listen here

Mirror mirror - the pressure of Pride (27 June) - Listen here

Who listens to Sermons anymore?

Upside-down values (20 September) - listen here

Out of the salt-shaker (27 September) - Listen Here

The long arm of the Law (4 October) - Listen Here

In the dock... (11 October) - listen here and here

Affairs of the heart... (18 October) - Listen Here

Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’ (25 October) - Listen Here

The great giveaway (1 November) - audio coming soon

Don’t tell a soul (8 November) - Listen Here

The Lord’s Prayer (15 November) - Listen Here

Hungry for life (22 November) - audio coming soon

You’ve gotta serve somebody (29 November) - audio coming soon

Tuesday Talks Carol Service (6 December) - ALL WELCOME!

'A line in the sand'

No experience of life is ever wasted (31 May 2016) - listen here

Daydream believer? (7 June 2016) - listen here 

To whom will you bow? (21 June 2016) - listen here

Out of the mouths of... Kings! (28 June 2016) - listen here

And the writing's on the wall... (5 July 2016) - listen here

Dare to be a Daniel (12 July 2016) - listen here

  • Chapter 6 of the book of Daniel
  • Subscribe to the ChaplaincyPlus mailing list
  • Tony Benn's autobiography, Dare to be a Daniel
  • Lyrics to the song 'Dare to be a Daniel'
  • Daniel 3:18 'Even if He doesn't...'
  • A short article about Eric Liddell, Olympic runner
  • The Open Doors World Watch List of countries where Christians are persecuted
  • Romans 12:1-2 from the J B Philips Paraphrase of the New Testament

'Seven deadly sins'

Pride (12 April 2016) - listen here

Envy (19 April 2016) - listen here  

  • A saying from the book of Proverbs
  • A quote by Mark Twain

Anger (26 April 2016) - sorry, this talk wasn't recorded due to a technical issue

Gluttony (3 May 2016) - sorry, this talk wasn't recorded due to a technical issue

Lust (10 May 2016) - listen here

Greed (17 May 2016) - listen here

Sloth (24 May 2016) - listen here

'Come and See'

Come and See someone who is full of Grace and Truth (19 January 2016) - listen here.

Come and See someone who is worth hearing about (26 January 2016) - listen here.

Come and See someone who is worth following (2 February 2016) - listen here.

Come and See someone who makes sense out of non-sense (16 February 2016) - listen here.

Come and See someone who is well connected (23 February 2016) - listen here.

Come and See someone who knows a lot (8 March 2016) - listen here.

Come and See someone who is at work (15 March 2016) - listen here.

Come and See someone who has answers (22 March 2016) - listen here.

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