Wednesday 10.6.2015

Evening Walking Tour - City Connections

A specially commissioned series of guided walks to celebrate the cathedral's tercentenary led by Ben Waddington starting at the cathedral.

Over the centuries, the Cathedral has been furnished with a rich array of skilfully designed and
crafted objects and features. Great prestige came for the artisan whose work had been noticed
and who was then commissioned to create work for the cathedral. For this walk, Ben Waddington
will make links between a selection of features in the cathedral and their metropolitan counterpoints.

The walk begins in the Cathedral with a brief introduction to the objects and their creators
and then explores the city centre, in search of further instances and echoes of these artists’ work.
This will variously be architecture, lettering, glass and sculpture. The Cathedral thus acts as a lens,
projecting the treasures of its interior into the city surrounding it.

The walk will last approximately 90 minutes and cover around two miles. Suitable footwear is advised.


Time 6:30 p.m.

Venue Starting at Birmingham Cathedral

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