Wednesday 17.6.2015

Evening Walking Tour - Baskerville's Sphere

Second in the series of special evening walking tours making connections with the cathedral and the city, led by Ben Waddington.

John Baskerville made his fortune from his Japanning business, but is best known today for the
typeface that bears his name. Baskerville also excelled at printing, paper and ink manufacture, and
perhaps best represents the centuries-old Birmingham paradigm of Arts in Industry.

As a successful
businessman and respected city elder, his advice and opinion was sought by the early industrialists
Matthew Boulton and James Watt and later members the Lunar Society. And despite his
atheism, Baskerville also had a significant role in the management of the Cathedral.

Ben Waddington leads this 90 minute walking tour of Baskerville related locations around the city
and introduces you to his wider social sphere - and indeed his sphere of influence as it is felt today.
The walk will cover around two miles and suitable footwear is advised.


Time 6:30 p.m.

Venue Starts at Birmingham Cathedral

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