One of the things we have to look forward to is the Jesus Shaped People Course, which we will be engaged in after Christmas.

Jesus Shaped People (JSP) takes Jesus’ teaching to his disciples and gives it to us in an engaging and practical way. It distils Jesus’ teaching into these five areas:

  • Love for people
  • Teaching
  • Team building (and growing people)
  • Prayer
  • Prophetic witness

We will spend three weeks looking at each of these with the sermon on a Sunday and then small group work in the week. As it is for the whole of a Church, and there is material for children and young people.

We are planning on this taking place in two parts: between Christmas and Lent (January 10 – February 14); and after Easter (May 30 – July 25). 

Change of JSP Group Day As a one off, the Thursday afternoon JSP Group next week will take place on Wednesday 10th February at 1.30pm. You will need a new login for this. Please contact enquiries or Canon Andy for this. The Thursday evening group continues as normal.

JSP will involve the Sunday sermon and then more practical work in midweek groups. The current restrictions mean the groups will be on Zoom, with printed materials available for those who are unable to get online or phone in. The Zoom Groups will be on Thursday afternoons or evenings (the evening group repeats what is done in the afternoon). 

Please email to book your free place on these Zoom sessions.

Week One - People Out On The Streets. View the sermon, work group work and work group map

Week Two - Bartimaeus - Brought in from the margins. View the sermon, work group work and work group map.

Week Three - Love for people Syrophoenician woman. View the sermon and work group work

Week Four - Teaching. View the sermon and work group work

Week Five - View the work group work.

Week Six - Storytelling. View the sermon and work group work.

JSP makes a positive and significant difference to churches which do it well. This usually involves an increased sense of common purpose and energy, but it is different in each Church. It honours the history, people and context of the particular Church, and gives space within this for the Spirit to do some work. There will be an opportunity for us to come together at the end to discern what God has been saying to us through JSP and where we are being led next.

How can I help and be involved?

Please pray for Jesus Shaped People, for your cathedral, and for our Canon Missioner Canon Andy and team as we prepare.

Children’s Church:

During the pandemic, we have not been able to meet. If you are a child, young person, or parent, please could you let me know if you would like to join in? We can then work out the best way to do this.

This will be a really exciting time for the Cathedral community. We look forward to journeying with you. Please contact Canon Andy via email if you have any questions,