A prayer in response to the Coronavirus outbreak

Gracious God,

you made us in your image

and love us more than we dare to imagine.

Look with compassion upon a scarred world.

As we adapt to present circumstances,

form in us habits that echo your kindness and justice.

Give wisdom to those in authority;

healing to those unwell in body, mind, or spirit;

protection to those whose work brings them into danger;

your mercy upon those who are struggling;

and your comfort to all who grieve.

Grant us your peace, renew our hope,

and strengthen us to walk with you all our days;

through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A prayer for those anxious about the future

Heavenly Father, all time and eternity is held in your hands,

and you are our refuge in days of trouble.

I offer to you all that worries me.

Guide me in the coming days;

and if there are times when problems threaten to overwhelm me,

help me to remember that your love for me is constant,

and no matter what I face, you are there beside me;

for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

A prayer following the death of a loved one

Tender Jesus,

look with compassion and mercy on all who have died,

and gather beloved N [insert name] into your loving arms.

I give thanks for his/her life and for the memories I cherish;

grant me comfort in sorrow;

healing of any hurt or anger;

a renewal of hope;

and your peace at the last. Amen.

The Jesus Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of the living God,
have mercy on me, a sinner.

A prayer of thanksgiving

For all blessings we have received, mercies known,

and above all for your wondrous love, revealed in Jesus Christ, thanks be to God.

Prayers with children

A prayer for when a friend is ill

Dear God, (name of friend) is ill.
They are not allowed to go to school or come over to play.
I’m sad because I miss them.
They must be feeling miserable and lonely as well.
Please be close to them.
Please be with the people who are looking after them.
Please help them to get better and to know that you love them.

A prayer for the world

God of love and hope,
you made the world and care for all creation,
but the world feels strange right now.
The news is full of stories about Coronavirus.
Some people are worried that they might get ill.
Others are anxious for their family and friends.
Be with them and help them to find peace.
We pray for the doctors and nurses and scientists,
and all who are working to discover the right medicines
to help those who are ill.
Thank you that even in these anxious times,
you are with us.
Help us to put our trust in you and keep us safe.