You don’t have to attend church regularly to receive prayer or a visit. Pastoral care is always available.

Pastoral Care Visiting

We have a team of people available to offer help and care to others in the cathedral or wider community, and is about listening, supporting and encouragement.

  • Daily prayer at Morning Prayer for those whose names have been placed on the prayer needs list;
  • Home Eucharist for members of the cathedral community who are too sick to attend services
  • Home or hospital visits to those who are seriously ill

Can we pray for you?

Many people find it helpful to know that they are being prayed for. As a regular part of our Morning Services, we pray for those who have asked us to pray with them or for them. If you would like prayers to be included for you or someone you care about during the Morning Service, you can either complete the box below or post a prayer request in the box inside the cathedral.