Visitors are welcome to take non-flash photos inside Birmingham Cathedral.

Please share your photos with us on social media using our handle @bhamcathedral and #BirminghamCathedral

We want you to enjoy your visit to Birmingham Cathedral

Birmingham Cathedral is a place of worship and we recognise those who visit do so for many different reasons, and many wish to take photos to remind them of their visit.

Visitors are welcome to take respectful non-flash photography for personal use inside the cathedral.

No photos can be taken during services, rehearsals, concerts and events.

Where can I take photos?

  • Visitors are encouraged to take respectful non-flash photos for personal use inside Birmingham Cathedral, outside of services, rehearsals, concerts and events
  • Photos can be taken in Cathedral Square

Do you wish to take photos or film for media purposes?

Please contact with your request.

Please respect these rules when taking photos or filming

  • Photos for personal use taken on ordinary handheld cameras and/or mobile phones is encouraged
  •  Please don’t use flash when taking photos, as it can be disruptive to other visitors
  • Please respect the privacy of other visitors, especially during quiet periods of reflection or worship
  • No photos of children are permitted unless they are part of your party, for safeguarding reasons
  • No photos of school groups is allowed unless taken by the school themselves
  • Visitors are not permitted to climb any areas of the cathedral in pursuit of a better vantage point
  • Selfie sticks, tripods and monopods are not allowed as they can be disruptive and hazardous to other visitors

Are you a commercial photographer or film-maker?

  • Fees apply, and you must seek our permission in advance. Please contact
  • Commercial photography on Birmingham Cathedral property (both inside and outside the building), including wedding photography, must be agreed by prior arrangement with the Marketing department via
  • Anyone wishing to take photos or film for media and PR purposes should contact
  • Drone filming is not permitted inside the cathedral or in the cathedral grounds. Please contact