We are developing a variety of sessions inspired by Birmingham Cathedral and welcome students from schools, colleges and universities.

Birmingham Cathedral – A Place of Christian Worship.

This session focusses on what a cathedral is, its origins and beliefs, the role of prayer, baptism and the story of the life of Christ.It enables pupils to understand Christianity and the distinctiveness of a place of Christian Worship.

Curriculum Links: RE Art History

Key Stages: 1,2,3

Music for Schools – Victorians, Tudors or The Natural World

These sessions celebrate the role of music at the cathedral and can link with either The Victorians or the Natural World.They inspire a joy of singing, led by members of the cathedral’s music department and explore specific curriculum areas. Sessions use original source material and real objects.

Curriculum links: Music History RE Art

Key Stages 1,2

We can offer these workshops remotely or sessions can be delivered in school.

On site sessions are charged at £1.50 per pupil. Please do get in touch to find out, discuss your exact requirements, explore collaborations and make bookings. Email the team via

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