#shareabook for World Book Day - Thursday 1st March

To celebrate and support World Book Day on March 1st, we are asking members of the cathedral congregation, staff and visitors to donate their favourite children’s book (this can be new or second-hand). We have been contacted by a local school who would like to give the books as a gift to every child in their school, in order to support them and to inspire a love of reading.

If you would like to donate a children’s book (preferably your favourite one or one that you feel would be appealing and exciting) we would be very grateful to receive it and pass it on! We ask that you fill in the book plaque below to tell the child who receives the book why it's so special to you and include this with your book.

Please drop the book to the cathedral on or before Thursday March 1st we will ensure that it is given to the lucky recipient(s).

If you would like to find out more please get in touch with Head of Learning Louisa Harrop louisa.harrop@birminghamcathedral.com