Divine Beauty is a project with the vision not only to preserve these globally recognised treasures, but also to make those treasures more accessible to a wider audience. The key aim of conserving the stained glass is vital in preserving these outstanding examples of Pre-Raphaelite art for future generations. The project will create significant links with the city’s internationally important collection of Burne-Jones material and better interpret the story of Burne-Jones in his native Birmingham.

The project has been supported in the development phase by an NLHF grant and we are working with nationally renowned stained glass conservator Jamie Moore from Recclesia, in developing a plan for the conservation of the windows. We are hopeful that this work can be carried out in-situ to offer learning opportunities for HE students and trade apprentices and also create opportunities for the general public to engage with the widows in a way never possible before.

Our role at Birmingham Cathedral is very much ‘custodians for our generation’, preserving the heritage and history of the buildings for future generations. This project of work with the windows is in our view ‘stitch in time’ work. The windows need attention as there is some degradation and a significant amount of accumulated dirt from air pollution. However, this work is achievable and the windows can be restored to - and with the help of a detailed management plan, kept in - excellent condition.

For further information on how you can support the Divine Beauty Project please contact Anna Pitt, Chief Executive on 0121 262 1847 or anna.pitt@birminghamcathedral.com.